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Daily Beast

What to Drink at Brooklyn’s New Bar Goto Niban  (February 2020)

"In New York, bars come and go without much fanfare and the same goes for bartenders. But almost from the minute Kenta Goto started at legendary establishment Pegu Club he was able to stand out from the other all-stars working there. While some bartenders attract attention with theatrics or an over-the-top shake, Goto commanded respect with his meticulous attention to detail and his devotion to the art of hospitality.

In 2015, he opened his first solo project, Bar Goto. The Lower East Side spot has delighted New Yorkers with its Japanese-influenced fare and cocktails and received a sensational response for its menu, including its take on classic street food okonomiyaki and signature Sakura Martini. Enter Bar Goto Niban. While the new location on Bergen Street in Brooklyn is bigger than the original one, [both establishments] possess the same warm and inviting atmosphere. "